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On Monday March 26th the below resolution was passed at the SSMU general assembly. Quorum had not been reached (of course) and the resolution was moved to the SSMU Legislative Council for consultation. The council met on March 29th, amended the resolution to include a timeline, and accepted the resolution.

The resolution is now pending an online student poll before becoming a reality. Vote in favour of the resolution below!

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  • Whereas the SSMU already has a policy supporting making education more accessible
  • Whereas students in universities across Ontario (including York University and McMaster) have already organized a day of action to fight for free education
  • Whereas existing SSMU resolutions call for working in conjunction with student movements in Quebec and across Canada
  • Whereas students are still frustrated and angry at the lack of accessibility of education, skyrocketing tuition fees, the declining quality of education and the broader increase in inequalities with few employment opportunities
  • Whereas students in Quebec have a long tradition of mass student strikes to fight against tuition increases and for free education which has kept the cost of education historically low
  • Be it resolved that the SSMU commit to building an ongoing campaign for free education and the cancellation of student debt
  • Be it further resolved that the SSMU begin mobilizations towards a one day student strike in the upcoming term, that it set up mobilization committees to allow rank and file members to organize towards building the movement
  • Be it further resolved that the SSMU work towards establishing monthly democratic assemblies starting Fall Semester 2018 so that students can participate in building and strengthening their student union
  • Be it further resolved that the SSMU work to push for this objective in the movement at large and work with student unions and other movements across Quebec and Canada that share these goals as established by prior general assembly resolutions regarding accessible education


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Please contact us at if you want to help us mobilize for the motion and if your organization would like to sign on as a supporter of this campaign.

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